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New Abstract Art and Some Exclusivity

As you know from my post on the website earlier, I have been working on some new art.   Likewise, along with this I have decided to release these pieces on an exclusive platform that I have been quietly associated with for over 10 years!   That platform is

I have mentioned Turning Art in the past and the best way I can describe them is they are like (the old) Netflix but for Art.  You can rent pieces for your home, business, etc.  Then, if you want to keep them, buy an original, they have a set up for that as well.  It is really a great way to obtain reproduction and original art works.

Anyway, they have been great to me and I wanted to put together these new pieces exclusively for them.  So if you want a print of any of these pieces you will need to go visit them!

These all mark my first attempts in the genre of abstract art.  I have combined both traditional and modern abstract art techniques in the creation of these pieces and the originals will be purchasable through Turning Art on Canvas at 48″ x 27″ sizes only.  I am offering only 1 each as well.

Here are my new Abstract art works, I would love to hear your thoughts down in the comments on these.





So there they are and I promise you there will be more in the future.  I am really enjoying the concept and creation process for making these and of course, the results.

Stay Creative!


Rent or buy my exclusive abstract art works (soon) at:
Turning Art


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