40 Presets designed and used by me in my work. This pack encompasses years of work and experience in Adobe Lightroom. Most presets in this pack work like a filter, meaning they work outside of your basic photo adjustments such as exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. This gives you more control over the end result. Here is just a short list of what is included:

“Cool Heat”
“Coral Sands”
“Gotham’s Finest”
“Forest of Dreams”
“High Tension Fadeout”
“Java West”
“Super Sharpener”
“The Oxidizer”
“That 70’s Glow”

and upgraded versions of my popular FREE presets

“30 Days of Night” and
“Walking Zombies”

BONUS: Early Access for a Limited Time Only

Get my 4 brand new LR presets for free included in this pack for a total of 44 Premium Lightroom Presets. These presets are designed specifically to make your sunsets POP!

“High Contrast B&W”
“Into the Pink”
“LT Sunset Slam”
“Waking from a Dream”