Learn Photography* on The Internet

If you would like to learn photography from me, I mentor in several places on the internet as well as in person. To Learn Photography from me on the internet I would suggest checking out my Patreon Page for custom mentoring. For a more casual approach, check out my Youtube page.  Most noteworthy, the Patreon Page is more customised and geared towards your personal growth.  The YouTube Page can be more hit and miss. Subscriptions to my custom content on Patreon are available there for as little as $1 a month.  Full mentorships start at $35 a month.  *Keep in mind, my mentorship goes beyond basic photography and reaches into helping build your photography business. I can help you with most any facet of building you passion into your living.  Check out some of the folks that I have helped realize their dreams:

TheIlluminatingLens.com  ~  TheMaryPhotographer.com  ~  TrueVisionPhotos.com  ~  NeighborhoodTravels.com  ~  JussiLyonsPhoto.com

TeresaPilcherPhotography.com  ~  MitchRussoTravels.com

Other Places to Learn Photography on The Internet

While the above pages are directly run by me, I also do appearances elsewhere on the internet that you may find useful.  Watch and learn from others critiques and submit your own images @ Jpeg2RAW on facebook.  Also, boost your creativity at Macphun LIVE on facebook.  Both shows are live and interactive.

Learn Photography in Person

If you would like to study with me and are in the Upstate New York area, please use my “Who is A.D.?” page to contact me.  Due to the time involved in this course of study, it will be the most expensive of the three. While expensive, it will not be out of most students reach and the most effective way to learn quickly.

~Stay Creative