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NFT Versions of My Works Now Available

NFT, what is that?!? Well, I will get to that. First off, where have I been? Probably the same place all of you have been, nowhere. The world is changing around us and I have to admit, as much as I embrace change, I find it scary as hell too. But, go forth we must!


Recently, I have embraced the NEW digital age by creating 1-off NFT pieces of my work.  Some of them are are never before released.  What is an NFT?  Well they are Non-Fungible Tokens.  Basically, digital art works that are signed for originality. Here is the Wiki or, long version: Not all NFT’s are digital only, some will include physical copies as well.  These NFT works are paid for in cryptocurrency known as Ethereum.

In these works that I am creating are nothing like I have created before.  Animations of my work, AI assisted works based on my images, and previously unreleased and new works as well.

Animated Works

(click on to purchase or just see a larger version)

“Upside Right”

“The Piano”

“The Room”

The animated stuff is new for me. I think it is some of my best work yet and allows me to further the emotion expressed in my images. But, it is a work in progress.  A lot of learning left to do.

Moving forward

As an active creative I continue to explore new ways to create and work my art. One of those ways lately has been through Deep Learning. Using A.I. tools to create all new works based on my images. I have a whole series of these pieces created called Ancient Worlds. Even though these images are called “Ancient” it does not mean they are based on our timeline. They represent abandoned or occupied worlds long lost. Whether it be in our future, or our past. I really feel these are my most ambitious works to date. At some point the animated work may surpass these, but for now they are what I feel are my best work.

Deep Learning Works

“Rise of Darkness”

“Titan After The Fall”


“The Travellers”

All of these works are made by feeding my images to a machine. Then I set a bunch of parameters and letting the machine sort it all out and make a brand new image out of my fed in ideas. It really is a revolutionary way to create and I think it goes well with the whole NFT concept. If you would like to learn more about how these image are created, please feel free to leave a comment below.

The Future

I do have a new series of long exposure Infrared Waterfall imagery that will be released later this year. But, until then, I will be creating and releasing more NFT piece on OpenSea. You can follow my page @ You will find works on that page that you can find nowhere else in the world. I hope you all are well and thanks for hanging in there with me. Stay safe, wear a mask, get vaccinated so we can get back to normal.



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