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Get Fedi’d!! The Explorographer is now on the Fediverse

With the fall of most Social Media sites from my graces I have now embraced the Fediverse.  What is the Fediverse?  The TLDR; It is a decentralized platform for users to post content.  Decentralizing the servers means that no one server is the fediverse.  It is many servers with many things all connected together. No corporate owner, no algorithm. You control what you see and pretty much how you see it.  For a deeper dive into the Fediverse, hit it up on google and you will find their wiki with all the information you could ever need.

Matthias Pfefferle & Automattic has come out with an ActivityPub plug-in for wordpress that allows you to integrate your site with the Fediverse.  I am testing that right now with this post.  You can follow my work @TheExplorographer right through your favorite Mastodon server.   What is Mastodon?  Well that is a Fediverse server/instance similar to Twitter. But, without the aforementioned negatives.  I am on an instance run by a friend called Mindly.Social.  You can find my profile there @ if you want to follow that profile.l

All-in-all the Fediverse is a good thing.  It is finally being adopted by major sites and entities. I think most people are saying enough is enough with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  The Fediverse in my opinion is the way to go! Hopefully you will join me there as well.


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