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An Accessible Conundrum

I have been creating since as long as I can remember.  For years though, I never shared my art or work.  It was only later when encouraged by others that I started to share. One thing led to another and sharing became a business. Through this business it slowly and surely made my art less accessible. The increase in popularity drove the prices of obtaining original works out of range for a lot of people.  The most common thing I heard at art shows and festivals was that my work was incredible and that they would love to own one but it was out of their budget.  Not that the pieces weren’t worth it but too expensive for most to own.   To help with accessibility I offer paper prints of limited lesser works. That in turn retains the value of my best work.

Over time, this lack of access took it’s toll and I moved away from shows and galleries. Mostly I share my work here on my website and you can buy any print from my store @ or a limited edition signed and numbered piece directly by contacting me.

The mix of business and art for me is difficult. All I really want is my work to be seen and appreciated. But, unfortunately I also need to eat. Not to mention travel to these locations, buy the equipment to shoot it, process it, time spent, writing and marketing my work.  All of it basically gobbles up 99% of my time. Still, with all that, “To be seen and appreciated” is most important.  All of this leads to a complicated crossroad.  How to I make it cheap and accessible but still cost effective for me to continue?

Well, lately I have added digital art to my repertoire in an attempt to add more quality content and also to expand my creative horizons.  So far I have enjoyed that creative outlet immensely. It started out with just generating images and now I am digitally painting and creating together with the rendered art.

All of this, combined with joining the Mastodon social network has really boosted my creative activity.  The same old problem exists, accessibility.

EUREKA, Buy me a Ko-fi!

As an artist, I’m always looking for ways to share my work. Recently, I begun offering my art through a subscription plan on Ko-Fi. This platform allows creators to offer their work in exchange for support from fans.

Offering a subscription plan on Ko-Fi has made my art more accessible. By providing regular content and offering it at an affordable price, I can reach a wider audience.

In addition to making my art more accessible, offering a subscription plan on Ko-Fi has helped me build a community of supporters. By providing regular content and engaging with my fans, I’ve been able to connect with people who are interested in my work and encourage them to continue supporting me. This has been a great way to grow my audience and earn a living from my passion.

One key advantage of using Ko-Fi for my subscription plan is that it provides a simple and secure way for fans to support me. With Ko-Fi, fans can easily subscribe and make payments using various methods. This makes it easy for fans to support me and allows me to focus on creating art.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, offering a subscription plan on Ko-Fi has been a great way to make my art more accessible and build a community of supporters. By providing regular content and using a secure and convenient platform like Ko-Fi, I’ve been able to connect with fans and earn a living from my art. I highly recommend this approach to other artists looking for ways to share their work with the world.

Download full resolution versions of my new works as requests for other works in my portfolio for just $5 a month @  Subscribe or just donate one time for access.


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