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Explorographer Updates

The Explorographer Updates

The Explorographer Updates? Wait, what?!? What is this?  Yes, this is NOT a travel story, but yet it is.  This is more of an internet travel story than a physical one.  I have decided that I will start moving my “everyday” posts off from direct social media and on to my website.  You never know where social media will end up. Remember MySpace? Or more recently, Vine?  Even though Myspace is (making a come back?), I don’t care to rest my marbles in anyone else’s court anymore.

So, what does that mean for you great folks that continue to support me?  I think it means good things.  You can still just follow along on facebook, google+, instagram, etc. But, if you follow here, you can get it all in one place. You can still interact and engage with me as well.  All it will mean is that there will be more content here on the site, YAY! Well, let’s get this party started with my first post…

I made a Birthday Gift

My long time friend just had a Birthday on Friday.  I have had a 3D model printed for him for a while now and finally had time to finish it up.  When I saw that it was going to be his Birthday. I thought well, there’s a sign for me to do something special.  So, I decide that instead of just sending him the model I would make a spectacle out of it.  Instead of me blabbering on (don’t worry, that’s coming), I made a vlog entry out of it.  And here it is!


These handmade personalized gifts will be available in my 3D store soon!  Happy Birthday Walter!


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